8 Min Abs Workout | How To Have Six Pack

8 Min Abs Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

A smart and effective workout regimen consisting of abs workout is the key to a sculptured midsection. All the 8 steps shown in the video can be practiced by anyone regardless of gender and age, and can help you to achieve full body and core strength, a fast metabolism and those six packs that you’ve been dreaming about all summer. There are no specific requirements to this ab workout regimen and it can be done on a regular basis for effective results.

The tutorial includes the following 8 steps spared by recovery time.

1.      Foot to foot crunch

2.      Alternating crawls

3.      Push through

4.      4 times abs

5.      Arm reaching crunch

6.      Laid up touch crunch

7.      Cross-on crunch

8.      Double crunch

How it works

·        Working out aerobically on your abdominal muscles for up to 8 minutes can stimulate the blood flow in the capillaries located in the abdominal area.

·        Once the blood flow is stimulated, the abdominal area receives a significant amount of oxygen through the blood stream and extra fats on the belly can only be burnt in the presence of oxygen.

·        Toned ab muscles require calories in order to stay active; the workouts described in this video will help you efficiently burn calories around the active which in turn burns off excess fat.

How to Practice the Ab Workout

·        The six pack workout routine is specifically designed to work the abdominal area of the body aerobically. For best results, it is recommended to practice the six pack routine right after an aerobic workout such as swimming, running, skipping etc.

·        Carefully follow the instruction and be sure that you’re practicing it properly. Complete the reps as is recommended in the video for each position.

·        Focus on correct breathing technique while performing the ab workout. It is mandatory to achieve the desired results in the right time.

If you feel you’re a pro now and need to make it more challenging, feel free to move on to the next level. You can check more abs workout here. Good Luck!

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