[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://trajanking.wistia.com/medias/n72ox03lmb” align=”center” title=”What is Yutorial?”][vc_column_text]Yutorial-AboutWelcome to Yutorial!  Yutorial is a video sharing website dedicated exclusively to How To Videos. With videos ranging from how to charm a snake, how to charm a date, how to tie a tie or how to bake a pie, we have something for everyone.

The goal of Yutorial is to provide the world with How To videos on anything and everything. And with a mix of professional videos as well as UGC (user generated content), Yutorial has the best of both worlds.

If you have a trade, skill, talent, craft or even a problem in your personal life, you are looking for answers-or want to help others- please submit your video now!

If you have any questions, please head over to our FAQ page for answers or contact us.

Here’s some info about three of the minds behind Yutorial.com.

Sandy – CEO & Founder


With a background in business and marketing, and a graduate of the University of Miami, Sandy is no stranger to the world of video and video marketing. He recently got married (sorry, ladies) and is looking forward to the journey ahead. Sandy is a first class entrepreneur, who grew up in New York City.

Jon – Managing Partner


Upon graduating from Boston University, Jon has spent most of his career in trading and real estate.  Upon moving down to Miami in 2011, he has been focusing on projects across various industries.  He is an angel investor in Healthost and sits on the board of directors.  In his spare time, he enjoys life.

Garin – Marketing & Development


A serial entrepreneur at heart Garin has been building websites since his days at YU (York University) in Toronto. Garin’s websites have attracted millions of visitors and attracted the attention of IBM who brought him on as an IBM futurist in 2015.  Garin joined the Yutorial team in 2016 and will be helping Yutorial become a clear leader in the online tutorial space.  In his spare time Garin likes to lift weights in the gym and spend time with his family and friends. You can find him on Twitter & Instagram @Garin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]