Best Booty Exercises

Fitness Model Alexis Fallon (@AlexisFallon_) is showing some of her favorite butt building exercises in the gym. We’ll be adding Alexis complete 30 Day Butt Building and Lifting Gym Workout plan to this month. But for now try this above workout:
1 set Roman Chair Back Extensions Warm-up 40 reps.
2 sets single leg press 12-15 reps per leg.
2 sets Smith rack squats 15-20 reps
2 sets smith rack bouncing Squats 20-25 reps
2 sets Smith Rack lunges 12-15 reps per legs
1 set barbell Squat 30-40 reps
1 set barbell bouncing Squat 30-40 reps
1 set bosu ball side hops AMAP

Try this workout 2x a week to start.

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