Bronzey Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial: My Wedding Makeup!

Bronzey Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Getting dramatic-looking smokey eyes is not that difficult. In fact, all it takes is the right choice of products and some blending skills that you can learn from this tutorial. Check this bronzey smokey eye makeup tutorial to know how to make your eyes look pretty.

Start off with highlighting your brow bone using Inglot eyeshadow as the highlighter. For the outer eye corner, use a NARS Galapagos eyeshadow; a rich coffee color will add a nice transition effect on the smokey eyes. Apply the same shade on the inner eye corner using a small eye shadow brush. Drag whatever is left on the brush over the eye crease.

Use the same shade on the lower lash line but only halfway if you don’t want it to be too smokey. To blend the colors well and soften sharp edges, use a neutral beige eyeshadow from MAC called BUFF.  To add the glimmer smokey effect on the middle, apply ‘Half Baked’ eye shadow from the NAKED palette. Use your finger instead of brushes to give it a nice and mild dabbing. Then blend it in using a blending brush.

Apply black eye pencil on your water line and dab on black eyeshadow using a small eye liner brush. Using the same shade and brush, apply a very thin line alongside the upper lash line. Apply a single layer of mascara on your lashes and put on the SOHO fake lashes to get that dramatic smokey eye look.

Next, apply concealer under your eyes to cover the dark circles and blemishes. Using a blending brush, apply a MAC studio fix mix and face and body foundation all around the face. Make sure you saturate it well into your skin. Mixing them together will not only give you a finished touch but also prevent from premature fading. Use a Maybelline light foundation as a highlighter to highlight the bridge of your nose, forehead and chin. 

Use sculpt eyeshadow from the MAC palette for contouring. Contour the nose and cheekbones, then finish off with a neutral lipstick. Now your bronze smokey eyes are ready to proudly show off. Revisit this bronzey smokey eye makeup tutorial for more information, and check our other tutorials as well, such as how to make a pizza at home

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