DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy!

DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween!

Halloween is close at hand and everyone is looking up for costume ideas to steal the show. You can’t really stand out until you dare to do something extraordinary and unique. Ever heard about a Halloween costume made out of real candies? Probably not. This video tutorial is set to give you some of the best Halloween costume ideas that everyone from teenagers to older and more mature Halloween lovers can follow.

Firstly, you’ll learn how to make a DIY Halloween costume out of candy (marshmallows). Keep the props and marshmallows aside and simply follow the instructions to make an amazing DIY marshmallow necklace, ring and hair clip. These accessories can perfectly go with a girly costume of your choice. If you’re not sure yet, simply put on a DIY marshmallow tutu on a soft pink t-shirt and white tights. It’s a really neat last-minute costume idea that can instantly turn you into a princess with a marshmallow magic wand. To help you complete the look, makeup tips from candy lipstick to pastel nails are also included.

Next, you’ll learn how to make an amazing DIY pop art props from Halloween treats like gumballs, smarties and jelly beans. Everything involves a lot of creativity and you may even spark people’s appetites by wearing DIY jellybean accessories like chic and classy glasses with a gumballs hat and jelly bean bracelet. The tutorial also includes instructions on how to turn your lips into a tempting bonbon.

The cupcake costume is no less than a groundbreaking idea for all Halloween enthusiasts especially kids. Learn how you can appear like the sweetest cupcake by getting that chic look. Consider adding DIY sprinkle glasses. It’s understood how important makeup is when it comes to these funky looks and to help you with that as well, the tutorial includes instructions for an amazing cupcake lip art.

Happy Halloween!

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