Equinox Yoga

Equinox Yoga

Equinox Yoga is a series of spiritual, mental and physical practices dating back to ancient India, which is a lot more than just stretching. The video features a leading yoga instructor, Briohny Smyth, practicing a combination of positions and poses that offer several benefits. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner; with a little support and practice, you too can master the art of Equinox Yoga

The Child’s Pose

Starting off with the child’s pose helps you stretch your hips, thighs and ankles, relieving aches in the neck and back. Deep breaths and exhalation allows you to completely relax and ease tension in your back. This position has a soothing effect and acts also acts as a primer for the next pose.

Downward Facing Dog

The hips are raised up and the body looks like an inverted V with your knees slightly bent. This pose is great for stretching your calves and heels. It also stimulates blood circulation and regular practice can increase your height regardless of age.

Upward Facing Dog

Now the chest is raised off the ground with your arms straight and palms flat on the floor, while the lower body is firmly pressed on the floor. The spine, arms and wrists are stretched and regularly practicing this pose can strengthen the spine and relieves lower back pain.

Crow Pose

Your heels are lifted off the floor with support from the arms while the knees are tucked in and resting against your outer upper arms. Use the combined strength of your abs, wrists, arms and shoulders to keep yourself stable while holding this pose.


This is one of the best inverted yoga positions with your head and forearms resting on the floor while the legs are raised up one after the other.

The headstand and handstand strengthen the forearm, arms, back and core muscles. Your legs remain straight and relaxed throughout.

Inverted yoga positions are natural anti-depressants because they stimulate the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins, leading to an instant mood elevation. Going against gravity this way stimulates blood circulation and transfers oxygen-rich blood to the brain, face and sensory organs. However, it’s not considered appropriate to practice inversions during menstruation because blood that’s meant to naturally flow downwards shouldn’t be flowing upwards.

The series of poses presented here can help to maintain great posture, increase height (after daily practice), strengthen core muscles of the body, rejuvenate the nervous system and stimulate good blood circulation.

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