Fashion Items that Changed the World

The power of fashion is undeniable as it has the capacity to influence social stature and how one is perceived. Ever wonder how it all started? Let’s have a look at fashion items that changed the world.

Since the beginning of time, social status and credibility has always been associated with fashion. Want to know more about fashion items that changed the world? Read on.

Fashion Items That Changed the World

After seeing our favorite actors in movies and red carpet events or sought-after models on the catwalk, we are quick to emulate those fashion trends. But only a few of us are aware of the evolution of common fashion trends from leather jackets and funky aviators to high heels that have become synonymous with the fashion industry. 

Did you know that high heels were first used by men and not women? Interesting, right? Check out some more jaw-dropping facts:

The Bikini

A daring two-piece swimsuit, the bikini was introduced by Louis Reard at a popular swimming pool in Paris, called  Piscine Molitor. It was BANNED immediately by western countries and declared ‘sinful’ by the Vatican. Marilyn Monroe was quick to capitalize on the controversy and started posing in photos wearing a bikini. That’s all it took for the trend to spread like wildfire and gained immense popularity by the end of the century. You may be surprised to know that 85% of all the sold bikinis never actually come into contact with water!

Air Jordan

Air jordans were introduced in the early 80s as the perfect ‘basketball shoes’ and quickly worked their way up to being dubbed as high-end footwear. Michael Jordan flaunted the shoes by wearing a pair at NBA games, even when it was against the rules. And to be honest, Nike didn’t exactly mind paying off  the $5,000 fine he racked up after every game.

High Heels

Women can never get over the obsession of high heels which is more like an addiction, and happens to be one of the most renowned fashion trends today. Why are women addicted to high heels? Well, for starters, it gives the impression of a voluptuous figure that men simply can’t resist! The funny thing is though men themselves have often worn high heels to in order to appear tall and enjoy high status.

The Leather Jacket

In early 90s you could only see military officers wearing these but the perception changed over time when celebrities began wearing them. In movies typically, characters would wear leather jackets which were demanded by the script to make them appear as ‘cool’. Remember the cover for Tom Cruise’s epic 1986 film Top Gun?

The Black Dress

In the early 20s, black dresses were only worn during funerals and wearing them on all other occasions was  considered indecent. The “black dress trend” however, soon gained popularity after Hollywood started using it for more practical reasons and many fashion icons followed the trend which inspired common people as well. Ever seen gangsters commonly wearing white in a Hollywood movie?


A few centuries ago, flat ivory glasses were used to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. In early the 20s, these were shaped into ‘sunglasses’ and soon gained popularity among movie stars. During World War II, anti-glare lenses were introduced for American fighter pilots by Ray-Ban and we know that marvelous invention today as ‘aviators’.

The Brassiere

The term brassiere refers to the upper arms and this crafty garment was introduced to provide better shape and support to a woman’s bust. The brassiere is no longer recognized for its basic functionality but rather as a trendy fashion accessory, especially after the Vogue magazine and Victoria’s Secret changed its perception by seamlessly integrating it in their magazines and fashion shows.

The Mini Skirt

Invented by Marie Quant in 1965, the mini skirt design was named after her car, the ‘Mary Cooper’. The trend started for a purpose – to liberate women and allow for easy walking and running. However, its popularity declined soon after as it was considered an invitation for rape. Yet, in the late 60s, it became a symbol of women’s freedom of expression and we see it today as a common fashion trend.

These are some of the fashion items that changed the world. To know more about beauty, visit our beauty and fashion category and go through tutorials.

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