How To Grow Eyelashes Fast

You don’t always need eyelash extensions and layers of mascara to make your eyelashes look fuller. Here is a simple and chemical-free method to grow eyelashes fast at home. No expertise or expensive ingredients are required, just a DIY method with instant results. The serum we’re discussing here is better than many expensive products available today.

To create your own serum, you need 3 different oils that you may have in your home already. You can purchase these from any drugstore near you or order online.

Here are the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to prepare and apply the serum:

·         100% pure castor oil

·         Pure extra virgin (organic) coconut oil

·         100% pure moisturizing avocado oil

·         Travel-size containers

·         A pack of mascara brushes

Method of Preparation

To prepare the serum, unscrew the cap of the container and pour castor oil into it. Fill the bottle half-way. Add coconut oil so that you have some room left in the bottle to add a dash of avocado oil. 

Now add a little avocado oil, place the cap on tightly and shake the bottle well. Make sure that the oils mesh nicely. Your serum is now ready.


To grow eyelashes and eyebrows fast, you need to apply the serum regularly. Leaving it overnight can yield stunning results in just a matter of days. Next come the mascara brushes. Pop one out and dip it into the serum. Make sure to get rid of the dripping serum by rubbing the bristles on the edge of the bottle’s mouth.

Lift your eyelid upwards with your finger tip for better application and start applying the serum just like you apply regular mascara. Apply thoroughly but don’t apply too much serum as the oils can irritate your eye, temporarily blurring your vision. However, this isn’t not harmful since you’re applying pure oils.

Once you’re done with the lashes, apply a very conservative amount of serum on your finger tips and rub it on your lash line. Apply the serum on your brows using the same mascara brush. Be ready to witness the miracle in just a few minutes.

This serum isn’t only ideal to grow eyelashes fast, but you can also apply it before applying mascara in your daily routine. For more beauty tips, check our beauty category that contains tips on how to get white teeth and much more.

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