Halloween Makeup Tutorial for Disney’s Frozen Elsa

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Disney’s Frozen Elsa Makeup Tutorial

This is a simple Halloween makeup tutorial that anybody can do. If you are fond of Disney characters, this Halloween makeup tutorial highlighting Frozen Elsa makeup tutorial will be of help.

Start with dabbing the lightest shade of foundation you have on your face using a damp sponge. Apply it gently and evenly all over your face. Also cover the area around your eyes, ears and neck. Once it’s evenly applied, pick your blending brush and apply the powder foundation on your face and neck.

Now shape your eyebrows just like queen Elsa’s, keeping them thin and arched. Carefully make a line alongside the edge of your eyebrow using an angled brush and dark brown eyebrow cake, then fill in.

Pick a not-too-striking purple eye shadow and apply it on the corners of both eyes. Then choose a lighter candy-like purple shade and apply it on the center of your eyelids; blend the lines between the lighter and darker shades using a small blending brush. Then apply a pinkish red eye shadow on the edge of the purple shade and highlight the crease between your eyelids and brow bone using a black eye shadow to give a more animated look.

Pick a jet black cake eyeliner and start lining it from the inner corner of the eye using a brush, then drag it along the lash line. Keep the line thick and wing it lightly in the end. Go back to the dark purple eye shadow that you used earlier and neatly apply it on the lower lash line.

Contour your nose to make it look like Elsa’s. Then create light freckles underneath your eye and nose using a light brown eyebrow pencil. To make your eyes look bigger apply white eyeliner on the lower eye line. Complete the eye make-up by applying fuller and artificial eye-lashes and add a finished touch using your mascara.

How can you be Elsa without blushing cheeks? Use a paper blush and rub it gently on the sides of your cheeks until they turn mild rosy and also scrub it a little on your nose. Finish the make-up by applying a raspberry red lip liner and refrain from making your lips bigger because Elsa has little pinky lips.

Wear a blonde wig or style your hair just like Elsa and enjoy the transformation! For more Halloween makeup tutorials check our fashion category and let us know what you think of this Disney’s Frozen Elsa makeup tutorial.

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