Halloween Makeup Tutorial Witch | Disney’s Ursula

Disney’s Halloween Makeup tutorial Witch URSULA Makeup Tutorial

While we can’t quite enjoy the same powers as Ursula, we can certainly look like her in just a matter of minutes with this Halloween makeup tutorial witch Ursula. Before delving headfirst into the makeup routine, it’s important to de-puff your eyes because the base color is totally different from the natural skin color as no concealer is involved. Use De-puff eye pads to get rid of puffy eyes and keep them hydrated.

To prepare the perfect octopus-like skin color, mix the purple face paint with a light blue one. Do not mix in equal proportions, but rather mix a small amount of light blue face paint to add more dimension to the purple color. After the color is ready, apply it on your entire face evenly using a foundation brush. Also cover your eyebrows. Then move on to your neck and arms if they’re exposed in your costume.

Continuing this Halloween makeup tutorial witch, now create your brows using a cake liner and brush. Start with the inner corner of your brows and drag the line up down to where your brow ends, making it look like an inverted “U”. Right where your real brows are, create a half circle – these are going to be your eye-lids. To fill in that spacious eyelid, pick a bright blue eye shadow and apply it using a brush. Use the same eye shadow to apply a generous amount of it on the lower lash line using a small brush. To fill the space underneath those eagle-like brows you just created, fill in grey eye shadow. Highlight the inner corner of your natural lids and brows with a black eyeshadow to create a striking look.

Pick a marker liner and apply a thick line along the lash line to create a lash-like look at the end of the lash line, using multiple strokes. Apply the liner on the inner rims and draw lower lashes to make your eyes appear sharper. Apply eyelashes and add a finishing touch by using mascara.

Pick a striking red shade of lipstick and apply on your lips to get the perfect lips for Halloween makeup look . Try to make them look fuller just like Ursula’s. Wear a short white hair wig and spray over to give it more body and volume. And now you are ready with Halloween makeup tutorial witch Ursula. For more makeup tutorials, check here

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