Halloween Makeup Zombie Barbie Tutorial

Halloween Makeup Zombie Barbie

You might have tried to look like a ‘Barbie’ but the wrong makeup may have turned you into a zombie. This time though, we will be doing just that for an outstanding Halloween appearance. Follow these simple steps to amaze everyone around with this ‘zombie Barbie’ look.

Apply white cream base on the eyelids to have a plain canvas for the makeup you’re going to put on, then set the base using white eye shadow.

Apply pink eye shadow in the middle and blue on the outer corner. Swipe the color across your lid and blend in with the pink. Add darker blue on the outer corner and blend well. The pink in the center will help your eyes look more ‘animated’. Apply white pencil on your water line as well, then add a touch of pink and blue right below it.

Now apply a thick line alongside the lashes using the eyeliner but don’t go too thick on those, otherwise it will cover the pink shade in the middle. Make it a little winged at the end.

Apply a thick coat of your favorite volumizing mascara on the upper and lower lashes. To make them look fuller, apply the most ridiculous looking fake lashes you can find.

For plastic looking skin, cover the eye patches and blemishes using a concealer. Then pick a lighter tone concealer and highlight the bridge of your nose and cheekbones. Apply powder and blend it well to achieve a pure matte look. Add a generous amount of blush on your cheeks but remember you’re trying to look like a zombie Barbie and not a clown. Apply pink lipstick and wear a wig with bangs.

To turn this beautiful looking Barbie into a zombie, you have to keep latex, tissue papers, fake blood and all shades of red, brown and purple with you. Now go scare the crap out of everyone with this super easy Halloween Makeup Zombie Barbie.

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