How Much To Tip Poker Dealer

How Much To Tip Poker Dealer

It is important to know poker tipping etiquette, and how much to tip poker dealer. Tipping the dealer comes under good poler etiquettes. It’s pretty similar to tipping in a restaurant while leaving as a happily satisfied diner. However, players don’t usually realize when the ideal time to offer a tip is and how much the amount needs to be.

Typically, tips are given during tournaments and cash games. First, we are going to talk about tournaments. In poker tournaments, the standard tip that a player offers the dealer is 3 percent of the money they make. Mostly casinos or dealers already withhold 3 percent of your winnings and you do not need to offer any other tips. If you choose to do so, remember that they are already keeping 3 percent of your winnings and any additional amount offered by you as tip is a generous gesture. It totally depends on you how generous you want to be.

On the other hand, in cash games, tipping is quite different. You offer a tip frequently after every win. Regardless of how big or small a pot is, you have to offer a tip after winning the pot every time. Most people tip an amount relative to the size of the pot which is certainly wrong. The dealer has nothing to do with your winning and losing; they’re just controlling the card and offering you services. The game is being played by you and the other opponents. Now the question is how much should you tip? Just a dollar per hand. That’s a fair amount because usually the house has 25 hands each hour at a minimum and with $25 each hour, they can make really great money.

Many players tip a very generous amount when they win a huge pot or do not tip at all if they win a small pot. That’s not right and if you want to keep your dealers happy, tip them consistently with as low as $1 per win or $2 if you are feeling really generous.

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