How To Build Amazon Affiliate Websites Automatically in Just 10 Minutes with WordPress

Once you know how to build Amazon affiliate websites you’re likely to step into a lucrative online business that you’ll be proud to own. Here is the best strategy to siphon profits from internet every day by using Amazon.

Build Amazon Affiliate Websites

Amazon is the king of ecommerce with over 256 million products on-site and sales worth billions every day. The news is, it allows you to earn 10% commission over each sale that you make as an affiliate. However, a number of people are not able to earn a penny because either they are stuck with old store builders or struggling with rankings. Search engines don’t like affiliate websites and links therefore, they don’t list certain web pages or delete them from the result page.
After you replace an old store system with Azon authority, profits will dramatically increase because it’s the smartest and most powerful way to earn profits via amazon.
You can get the job done and build Amazon affiliate websites in a matter of minutes after you have a copy of Azon authority. The easy-to-use interface allows you to add products and create a store; all you need to do is play with 4 tabs including: Add products, ASIN generator, Amazon Suggest and Settings.
All you need to do to build Amazon affiliate websites is to create a store on your Amazon affiliate website and load the products on the webpage with affiliate links. Good ranking will help you to have your audience land on the page. If any person navigates through that web page and clicks on the product to know details and adds the product to cart you will get paid, even if they don’t checkout! If they proceed to checkout they’ll end up landing on Amazon with the product added in their Amazon shopping cart. After which a 90-day-affiliation-cookie is secured, that means if they buy any of these products (on the Amazon page they’ve just landed) in the next 90 days you’ll get paid! As you’ve turned Amazon into a drop shipper or a center for fulfillment and payment procedure you’re going to be loved by search engines because of the authority you’ve built.
It allows auto translation and provides you with ease to serve customers internationally not with just the language but also products! The system also helps you to have a sneak peak of activities on your affiliated website like you have the insights and stats right in front you about who’s doing what on the site, cart activities etc. Moreover, you can customize the interface, start campaigns, and also keep track of their success rate
To bridge the gap between Amazon products and affiliated links to it, Azon authority represents the products as real products and the store as a real store. Follow the instructions in the video to know how to set a category, choose the product and target your audience.
You can search for deals and amazing discounts that Amazon is offering; all you need to do is search the discounted products by category and import the products to your store. For better search engine optimization you can also dig into the insights of your chosen niche and look for the keywords that are used by them most. We hope now you know how to build Amazon affiliate websites, and will find success online.

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