A Woman’s Guide To Changing A Tire: How to Change a Tire for Women

A Woman’s Guide to Changing a Tire: how to change a tire for women

They say dealing with vehicle maintenance is quite challenging for women, but that isn’t necessarily the case for all of us. Some women, in fact, can even drive fast and drift better than men. However, some among us merely see vehicles as a means to travel between point A and B, and if we ever run into a flat tire, we tend to panic. However, this guide on how to change a tire is going to change your life. 

Changing a flat tire is something not every woman is ‘wired’ to do, as the job requires a strong and able pair of hands. Still, changing tires isn’t as difficult for women as it’s often made out to be and the task is as easy as any other, once you know how to do it right.

How to Change a Tire For Women: Step by Step

  • Try your level best to park the car in a safe area and make sure you’re parking on a level surface.
  • Engage the E-brake and turn on the hazard lights. The blinking lights not only ensure safety but also signals to the passersby that you may need assistance.
  • Retrieve the spare tire and toolkit from your car and begin by loosening up the lug nuts using tire iron. Your hands alone might not be enough to loosen the nuts which are often tightly screwed or stuck in place. In this case, you should put your foot over the tire iron and use your bodyweight to move the stubborn lug nuts until they are loose enough to be moved by your hands.
  • Place the jack underneath a flat and stable section of your car and start extending it until the tire is hovering an inch or two above the road surface.
  • Once the car is lifted up properly, remove all the lug nuts along with the punctured tire.
  • Attach the new tire carefully by letting the screws penetrate through the holes as deep as they can.
  • Once the wheel is locked into place, screw the lug nuts back but make sure you’re not screwing them too tightly just yet, as you need to remove the jack first.
  • Lower the car back to the ground by compressing the jack down and remove it from underneath your car.
  • Now tighten each lug nut all the way, and as before, if you can’t use your hands to tighten them further, use your bodyweight to rotate the tire iron as far as it will go. .

Congratulations! You just replaced a flat tire without any assistance whatsoever! Off you go! And do not forget to check our other tutorials on our site, such as this tutorial for smokey eyes.

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