How To Dirty Dance

When you’re trying to seal the deal on the dance floor, knowing how to really get down can make all the difference.

Step 1: Find a partner
Find a partner you can practice with. If you can’t find someone you’re sexually attracted to, just grab anyone.

Step 2: Loosen up
To learn to dirty dance you’ll need to loosen up. Wiggle around a bit. Get those limbs loose and limber.

Commit to looking silly. Remember, no one’s watching at this point and no one cares.

Step 3: Learn to grind your hips
The ‘dirty’ part of dirty dancing is all in the grinding of the hips. Practice on your own. Grind to the front, front, side, side, front, front, side, side. Now that’s dirty!

Step 4: Learn a basic step
Learn a basic rhythmic step on your own. Step right, then bring the left foot together with the right. Then do the opposite — step left and bring the right foot together. Now a little faster. Step right, together, left, together, right, together, left, together. Good.

Step 5: Learn the basic hold
Learn the basic dirty dancing hold. The man grips his partner so his right hip is glued to her right hip, with his right leg between her legs and her right leg between his legs. As for the upper body, the woman should have her hands around the man’s neck, while the man has his hands on the woman’s hips and/or rear end.

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