How to Make Things Float Things in Air

How to Float Things In Air

Magic is only ‘magic’ to those who only see what their eyes want to, because they miss gimmicks behind the trick by focusing on certain aspects only which the magician actually wants them to. This applies to all kinds of magic tricks from grand magic shows to little tricks that roadside magicians perform. In this tutorial you will know how to float things in air.

Magic isn’t for everyone and only a select few practice it and make things disappear or cut people into half in front of an audience. Without getting into a debate over whether real magic exists or not, we can say that any sort of magic is all about tricking the eye into believing what it wants to believe, and to do so you have to learn how an average person interprets and sees these magic tricks. 

Each trick revealed in this how to float things in air tutorial might leave you amazed once you figure out how to pull it off. You will learn some incredible magic tricks including:

·         Signing the coin through glass and plastic

·         Tearing tissue paper into small pieces and restoring it within a few seconds

·         Tying shoelaces in the blink of an eye

·         Making a coin disappear from your hand and reappear from your ears

·         Making a hole in a dollar bill and restoring it to its former state

·         Making an impossible switch between interlocked dollars

·         Making objects float between your hands with no strings attached

Seems impossible? Yes, but only to the untrained eye.  To successfully pull off these tricks, watch the video and keep practicing each trick until you are able to perform it quickly and not giving your viewers enough time to notice what just happened before their eyes!

You can see the most mesmerizing trick at the end of the how to float things in air video. The trick involves pressing an empty can to make its shape irregular and restoring the original shape by just holding it from one end.

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