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Hi, there. I’m Natalia Rose. And today, we’re going to talk about how long homemade juices will last. Most homemade juices are made by centrifugal juicer, which heats up the juice slightly while it’s being made. This is why you want to consume a centrifugally processed juice as soon after making it as possible. As soon as it’s made, the juice will start to oxidize. The more it’s exposed to air, the quicker it will oxidize. Now, there are a few tricks to help your juice last longer. One that would be to make sure that you put it in a container that is very well sealed and doesn’t have any extra air in it. So fill it up to the top of the container as possible so that it exposes little air as possible. Another thing you can do if you want your juice to last a couple of days would be to immediately freeze it. Freezing a juice will compromise its enzymatic activity a bit, but it will enable most of the juice to stay in integrity and certainly will enable to last a whole lot longer.

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