How To Make a Dragon Sushi Roll

How to Make a Dragon Sushi Roll

Your sushi should not only taste good but look really good too.

Here’s how you can make a tempting, favored dragon sushi roll:

  1.    On the cutting board, place a flat bamboo rolling mat and make sure it’s covered with plastic. This will be used from time to time to properly shape up the sushi.
  2.    Place a sheet of nori on the mat and wet your hands a little to make them non-sticky.
  3.    Take 120 grams of cooked sushi rice and spread it over half the nori sheet. While doing so, keep in mind that you just have to spread the rice and avoid compressing it on the sheet. Use a nice and gentle hand. Do not exert too much pressure.
  4.    Now flip the nori sheet on the bamboo mat and place the tempura prawns on the other half of the sheet.
  5.    With each prawn, place a thin slice of avocado and spread unagi sauce in a zigzag motion over the prawns and avocado.
  6.    Now carefully roll the bamboo mat inside and out.
  7.    Get a pre-made freshwater unagi or eel. Since its already processed and flavored, all you have to do is grill it a little just to re-invigorate all the flavors. Make sure you’re not cooking it. Cut the eel in half horizontally and place that half on your sushi roll.
  8.    Use a plastic wrap to keep the rice fillings and fish in place because you’re now going to cut it down in pieces. Before you do that, place the bamboo mat on the roll and with the mat on, grab the roll to turn it into one piece. Use a really sharp-edges knife because you need to make the cut in one go.
  9.    Make several cuts on top, then divide the roll into pieces and before removing the plastic wrap, shape it once more using the bamboo mat. Take 2cm wide nori strips and wrap them around each piece.    
  10.   Now arrange the pieces on the serving plate in a dragon-like shape and attach the octopus suckers on the front piece as the dragon’s eyes. Cut red bell pepper into vertical strips to use them as horns and also attach deep fried prawn whiskers on the front piece.
  11.   Finally, add sauces on the sides, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Now that you know how to make a dragon sushi roll, we are sure you would love to try our dragon sushi roll recipe and enjoy it at home. You can check more tutorials here.

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