How To Make An L.E.D Illusion Mirror!

How to Make An LED Illusion Mirror

We all love gazing at artistic master pieces hanging on the walls but it’s not every day that you come across  a jaw dropping piece. Why not make one of your own and brag about that? Follow these simple steps to creating an amazing L.E.D illusion mirror and you will understand how to make an LED illusion mirror in no time.

First, you need to find a square décor frame with a mirror base. You can search for it at any store with interior décor items. You’ll also need a car window tint film and color changing LEDs that can stick to a surface.

Remove the mirror carefully from the back of the frame without damaging it and thoroughly clean the mirror using the glass cleaner solution. Next, remove the wooden pieces alongside the frame that were holding the mirror in place. Make sure you’re removing it carefully without damaging the frame because you have to stick things back together. Then finally remove the front glass from the frame and clean it with cleaner, leaving it shiny and clean.

Now keep the glass on the tin film sheet and cut the sheet from the edges of the glass. Unpeel the film and stick it on the glass after spraying some soap water on it. After keeping the film on the glass don’t press it and remove the air pockets by moving the edge of any old gift card straight on the surface.

Now place the tinted glass inside the frame, making sure that the tinted side of the glass is facing the front. Stick back those wooden inner frame pieces that you removed to hold the glass in place. Make a cut at one corner of the frame and insert the LED strip into the cut. Now attach the entire strip alongside the edges of the frame.

Next, refit the mirror at the back of the frame. It’s now ready to test; attach the hanging battery strip through the cut with the power source.

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