How to make Glowing Water

How to Make Glowing Water

Using science to create a unique theme for a party is a great idea. A huge number of elements reacts with their elements in a way that can leave viewers amazed. Science can indeed leave you mesmerized but at the same time it can mess with your mind if you have no idea how things are working.

With this experiment you’ll learn how you can make any object of any size glow. Not just an ordinary glow but a really amazing magical glow from unusual objects like ice cubes!

Make glowing liquid easily by using tonic water that contains quinine. Quinine is a chemical that reacts to UV light. Tonic water can be found at almost any grocery store and it’s cheap to buy. The more black lights you add the more the tonic water will glow. You can make ice-cubes with tonic water and use it for your drinks. You can also make glowing decorative shapes. It’s a simple and fun experiment.

Pour that magical mixture into an ice cube tray and freeze it. To have a glowing and thirst quenching beverage at a dark-themed party, pour the tonic water into any transparent container that can hold water and transparent boxes of different shapes.

To make the experience more amazing, fill in bulb shaped containers with quinine containing tonic water and hang them around the place with black lights. There’s a lot that you can do with this glowing mixture.

You can even enjoy some amazing explosions if you want to get more creative with your glowing water trick! Fill the regular plastic water bottle with tonic water and a few Mentos. It will burst into a huge glowing explosion which is going to be perfect at a dark-themed party entrance. This trick can also cater to pranks that you’re planning to do with your friends.

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