How To Shoot a Rifle

How To Shoot a Rifle

If you love weapons, you must be interested in knowing how to shoot a rifle. Given the advancement in rifle and aiming scope technology, long-distance firearms today are loaded with outstanding features that makes precision long-distance shooting more fun and convenient than ever. However, it’s still important to understand the basic tenets of long-distance shooting in order to fully benefit from these technological advancements.

During long-range shooting, you need to relax and hold your rifle steadily so that once the target comes into focus, there is little or no movement at all. Most long range shooters go prone in order to minimize the impact of body movement on the outcome of the shot. It’s recommended that you position your body parallel to the bore of the rifle as this helps to absorb the recoil effectively. In addition, this also caters to how follow up shots are handled (if need be) because the rifle kicks back against the shoulder while the muzzle moves straight up to a certain degree. For an even more stable and even body position, keep your feet slightly apart.

Once you’re all dialed in, you might notice movement of the aiming reticle, even after you’re steadily locked on the target. This is because of your heartbeat and breathing, which can cause a little bit of instability. Right before taking the shot, exhale all the air out of your lungs and retain your body in that state until you’re done with the shot, which is typically around 3-4 seconds This leads to a consistent trigger time but make sure not to hold your breath after exhaling for more than 4 seconds, otherwise your body might start shaking and you will lose stability.

If you’re carrying a bag along with other essential equipment, then stabilize your rifle on the bag. This comes really handy when you need other equipment after you’ve positioned your aiming reticle.

Finally, you need to take scope positioning and side alignment into account. After your body is stable and you can clearly see the reticle, consider other factors like black spots and shadows on the scope. This will help you target better, but remember, your focus should not deviate too much from the reticle.

We hope this how to shoot a rifle tutorial helped you understand how to shoot a rifle. Now that you know shooting fundamentals, we recommend you check out other tutorials as well.

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