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How to Shuffle Poker Chips

There are two things to remember while you play poker. First, you have to appear like a pro in front of your opponent. Second, you have to be real good at bluffing. You can’t really bluff until your opponent thinks of you as a credible player. To leave the finest impression on your opponent, you can start with shuffling chips like a pro because this is something really interesting to look at and presents you as a well-oiled poker player.

To shuffle chips start with two sets of 3 chips. Keep the sets together with no distance between them.

Now you have to use your left hand if the chips are on the left side and right hand if the chips are on the right side.

Let’s say you’re using your left hand. Keep your pinky finger on the back of the left set and your ring finger on the front of the left set. Place your middle finger on the area where the two sets are joining. Keep your fore finger on the front of right set and your thumb on the back. Now the two sets are behind your fingers.

Keep your grip firm and lift up your middle finger slightly, lifting the chips in both the sets. Then merge the two sets by moving your pinky, ring finger, fore finger and thumb closer. The chips in set 1 will slide into the chips in set 2.

Practice with two sets of 3 chips then keep increasing the number of chips in both the sets as you gain expertise. Soon you’ll find yourself shuffling sets of 10 chips; i.e. a stack of full 20 chips.

Also remember that initially your hands might feel uncomfortable because they are not used to certain movements. But this will get better as you practice more.

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