How To Skin a Watermelon

How to Skin a Watermelon

When you throw a party, the very first thing that comes to mind is how to leave everybody amazed. People usually invest a lot into what to serve yet they are not able to add any jaw-dropping element because everything else seems so casual. Well, the fact that everyone is excited about the food cannot be denied so why not get creative with food?

In a summer party with kicking beverages and cocktails, watermelons add a refreshing element and this trick with watermelons is simply going to add a wow factor to your food arrangement:

Have you ever witnessed someone popping out a smooth, red watery ball from a watermelon by separating the skin using only their hands? Probably not. But it is possible once you know how to peel a watermelon. Here’s how you can also do the trick:

How to Skin a Watermelon Whole

  •     Take two watermelons of similar shape and size.
  •     Pick a watermelon and peel the green away, making shallow and straight cuts with a sharp knife.
  •     Peel off the white leftovers of the skin with a small knife until no green or whites are left and the watermelon is entirely red.
  •     To give it a soft ball-like look you have to smoothen the edges by making straight cuts. Use scrubbing pads to do the job. Scrub the pad against the surface of the watermelon until it turns smooth.
  •     Now take another watermelon and cut it into half.
  •     Remove the red edible watery part leaving the skin as it is., to get vacant cap-like halves.
  •     Now enclose your red smooth watermelon ball in those cap-like halves.

Make as many as you want for your party and let everyone wonder how this can ever happen to a watermelon!

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