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How to Slow Play

Slow Play refers to playing cards below their value. Such a strategy is usually employed with monster hands such as pocket Aces. Read on to know how to slow play in poker.

One of the biggest mistakes new players make when they first start playing poker is that they will slow play far too many hands. When we have a strong hand like a set, a straight or a flush we want to win a big pot. If we slow play, we take away our ability to win a massive pot and stack our opponents

Slow Play is only ideal for Dry Boards

The reason why dry boards are better to slow play is because our opponent is very unlikely to have a strong hand. For example, our opponent raises a pre-flop and we call with 55 and flop a set on T52. In this spot, if our opponent bets and we raise, he/she will only be able to continue with Tx and over pairs. However, if we cold-call and say a queen rolls off bringing a flush draw, if they bet into us on the turn and we raise after that, our range can appear a lot wider. Not only does it look like we can have more hands, but our opponents are likely to have more hands that can play back. The queen brings a whole new array of top pair hands, straight draws, flush draws and combo draws which we can both have, and consequently we are likely to get more action.

The Slow Play is also designed to give the opposition a sense of security, and often works best when they are actually dictating the action. The “Slow Player” constantly looks like he’s on the defensive and considering folding with each subsequent card. Imagine how the plan could play out if an Ace actually hits on the flop.

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