How To| Striptease for beginners

Learn the beginner striptease moves. Sensual dance moves to seduce your boyfriend!

Again, here are some tips for a good strip or lap dance:

1. Keep eye contact. The way you look at him one of the most important and powerful elements of a striptease.
2. Dim the light, but leave it on. You are about to show yourself, not hide yourself. Don’t worry too much about how you look — remember that it’s all about how you feel. Try to feel confident and sexy, it’s really all you need for a good lap dance.
3. There are no strict rules. You don’t need to memorize a dance routine or an order of undressing. Just play by ear, do what you like and enjoy the process. If you feel more comfortable learning the routine for your first strip dance, it’s absolutely OK, but also try to add your own touch to it. It’s always good to practice some improvisation, too.

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