How To Thread a Balloon onto a Skewer

How To Thread a Balloon onto a Skewer: Amazing Balloon Skewer Party Trick

A party décor filled with balloons of all shapes and sizes is really exciting and it’s even more exciting to pop them all. Most people don’t even wait for the party to end and you start hearing popping sounds.

Popping a balloon is as easy as sitting, if you know what I mean. Well, it’s not easy at all to penetrate a sharp skewer through it until you know the trick.

Take a balloon and inflate it but make sure the elastic material is not reaching its limits. Just inflate it up to an extent where you can clearly see a deeper color and loosen the rubber around the knot. Also make sure the rubber color is deeper on the top center of the balloon because you’re going to pass the skewer through it and too much air pressure on the surface will cause the balloon to pop.

Now take a skewer and be sure that the stick is smooth and doesn’t have any sharp edges. To remove friction, dip into the liquid and it will turn slippery and ready to invade the gas ball. Carefully insert the pointed end from the loose rubber deeper color close to the knot. You’ll hear a little pop sound. Then move it towards the top center where the rubber color is deeper. Press it and push the pointed end out while holding the rubber from the top center. Voila! You just passed the skewer from a balloon.

You can brag about knowing how To thread a balloon onto a skewer now at the party or turn the trick into a competition without showing them how to do so!

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