How to: Three Card Monte Tutorial

Three Card Monte Tutorial

Magic is all about tricking the eye and making people believe what they want to. This short film reveals an Indian trick that is used by performers to fool people for two reasons; to show their skills and expertise as a magician and leave people amazed in order  to better sell their show, and to earn money by making people bet an amount over it, because if they don’t know how this trick works, they’ll lose every single time. This is similar to a trick used in gambling by the way, and it has been banned in many countries as a result. So let’s move ahead with the three card monte tutorial.

Three Card Monte Tutorial: The Trick: The magician usually shows a rope or necklace and asks people to examine it. Then he makes three simple loops with that rope and asks people to bet an amount over the winning loop – the loop in which one of his fingers will not get trapped while unfolding the rope.

How it works: It’s a total win-win or lose-lose situation, but the magician knows this only and not the audience. A necklace is folded in such a way that either all three loops trap the finger or don’t trap any one of them at all. The folding looks the same in both situations but there’s, in fact, just a single fold that makes all the difference.

Let’s say if your finger doesn’t get trapped, the magician will win and you are asked to bet on a loop out of those three loops, in which your finger must get trapped in order to win. Now the performer will make three loops and hold the end of an enclosed rope in the left hand and place it above the loops like shown in the video. This way all three loops will not trap your finger and you’ll lose.

Now if you bet on a loop in which your finger doesn’t get trapped, the magician will make loops the other way around; visually it will look similar, but this time all three loops will trap you finger and you’ll lose!

This ends the three card monte tutorial. We’re sure you will be able to perform the 3 card monte trick now without any problem.

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