How To Tie a Tie: Windsor

How to Tie a Tie

Properly tying up a tie may seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to this simple, step by step tutorial. Here’s how you can get that perfect knot:

  1.    There are two ends of a tie – the fat and skinny end. Keep the skinny end on the left side and the wide end on the right side.
  2.    Your tie also has two sides – the front smooth side and the back seam side. Place your tie around your neck with the seam side down. Put it flat against your body and keep the thin end of the tie at chest level on the left side.
  3.    Now take the fat end and move it across the skinny end, making an X.
  4.    With your right hand, hold the center of the X firmly with your fingers.
  5.    The space between the center of the X and your neck is called tie hole. On the fat end of the tie and front side, place your other hand and push it through the tie hole. Now pull it from the hole, flipping it over and letting it fall in front of you.
  6.    Now move the fat end on the side and push it straight through and behind the tie hole[1] . Place the fat end on your shoulder. Make sure the seam side is facing out.
  7.    Now grab the fat end, flip it around and push it through the tie hole. Hold the fat end, pull it on the left side, then run it across the knot and place that end on your shoulder. While doing so, place your fore finger on the knot (the fore finger of your right hand that’s still grabbing the X knot).
  8.    Next, you have to take the fat end and push it out of the tie hole again. Now slide the fat end down from where your right-hand finger is placed. Do your top button and tighten the knot by pulling it down to adjust the tie length.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully knotted up your tie thanks to our how to tie a tie tutorial. For more tutorials, check out this how to tie an Eldrege knot tutorial

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