How to tie the Eldredge Knot

How to Tie an Eldredge Knot

It’s always fun to get creative with what you wear, especially when it comes to formal attire. Follow these simple steps on how to tie an Eldredge knot.

  1.    Wear the tie around your neck and keep the thick end at waist length.
  2.    Pinch a dimple on the thick side of your tie near your neck and bring the thin side across the thick side, right over the dimple.
  3.    Bring the thin side under the thick side and pull it straight through to the other side.
  4.    Now bring the thin end up and pull it through the loop inward, letting it fall down. Grab the thin end again and cross it over the knot to the other side.
  5.    Bring it under and pull it again through the loop, but this time, pull it outward.
  6.    Bring the same end under the knot and pull it to the other side from behind the knot.
  7.    Grab the thin end and pull it in through the top loop towards the other side. Keep pulling until it tightens a little.
  8.    Now tuck it and pull it through the neckline of the tie towards the same side.
  9.    Bring the end up and push it in through the knot towards the other side(Inward).
  10.   Again, pull it through the top loop over the knot towards the other side.
  11.   You’ve successfully tied the knot. Part of the thin end must dangling loose. Tuck it inside the neckline of the tie to conceal it properly.

Pull your shirt collar down and you’re wearing a nice and charming formal look with the Eldredge knot thanks to this how to tie an Eldredge tie knot tutorial. Check out more tutorials here

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