Internet Marketing Strategy – Step by step

What The Internet Marketing Strategy Video Is All About:

This video is presented by Andrew REDwards and talks about internet marketing strategy and how to market online. He is a British entrepreneur and has been working in the industry for years.

The video highlights all the steps – from starting a website to how to market online. At the 7 minute mark, he talks about keywords, including the importance of keywords when planning your internet marketing strategy. At the 8 minute mark, he also talks about ‘competitive research’, highlighting its importance. The video also covers how you can use your competitors to improve your own ranking.

He suggests to use this information when creating your website. You need to keep keywords and your competitors’ strategies in mind when designing your website. He also talks about important factors that you need to keep in mind when creating a website. These include designing (images, text etc.) and content. You should always use a professional to take care of the designing aspect. However, the availability of platforms like WordPress have made things easier for today’s entrepreneurs.

The video also touches on other aspects such as website audit, which Andrew teaches to perform using Google Tools, such as Google Analytics.  He does not go into the detail but only touches base. The video details how Google Analytics can be used to improve the ranking of your website and why you should use the data provided by this tool when creating your internet marketing strategy.

Some important information that Google Analytics provides you with includes insights on keywords people use to access your website. In addition to this, Google Analytics also help you gauge the impact of social media on your website by highlighting where your traffic is coming from.

The video concludes by talking about points that help sell more online. Watching this video will help you plan your internet marketing strategy in a better manner. We hope that now that you know how to market online, you will be able to find success on the web.

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