How to Perform Krav Maga Techniques

How to Perform Krav Maga Techniques

To master the art of holds and grappling, it’s important to know the basics and understand the intricate workings of every move you execute on your opponent. The tutorial will show you how you can gain command over basic KRAV Maga submission techniques like grappling locks or holds. These are typically used to subdue the opponent in a fight and also as a defensive measure. Your opponent is quite likely to throw the towel in due to the pain experienced during these submissions or lose the strength to effectively continue combat due to injuries.

The techniques outlined below apply to training, sparring and an actual fight as well. It’s important to note that the ‘attack’ should only connect in a real fight only and not during sparring or training, or you may seriously injure your partner. Other than holds, a number of  defensive maneuvers can also be used such as:

Kicks – Striking your opponent using your legs, toes, feet or knees all qualify as kicks under KRAV Maga. There are many ways a practitioner can utilize kicks to his/her advantage, depending on the speed of the maneuver to be executed, and the position of the opponent. Simple kicks include the front kick, side kick, back kick and roundhouse kick.

Strikes – Strikes are used to inflict immediate and serious damage to your opponent and, in some cases, it can even lead to death. Strikes can deal deadly blows using any part of your body that can serve the purpose well at that time. For example, professional martial artists usually perform upper-body strikes with their knuckles, forearms and elbows. In order to be effective, strikes are required to be made to the most sensitive parts like the nose or sensitive organs with soft tissues, such as the throat, liver or stomach

Throws or Takedowns – While practicing takedowns, you are required to throw your opponent off-balance in order to take them down. The practitioner usually aims to keep his balance steady while effectively keeping the opponent’s center of gravity under control, through a takedown maneuver. With takedowns, even though both fighters land in a position of power on the ground, only the one in the less dominant position gets hurt.

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