How To Make A Carrot Butterfly And Cucumber Fans Garnish

How to Make a Carrot Butterfly and Cucumber Fans Garnish

Food appears to be way more tempting and delicious when it’s presented well. The tutorial will teach you about making décor food items in amazing shapes to add a spark to your presentation, especially when you are serving meals like sushi.

Carrot Butterflies

  •     First you have to cut the carrot in the shape of a parallelogram. Make a vertical cut using a sharp knife from the base of the carrot, not touching the round center in between. Also make sure that you are making a straight cut and prevent the knife from penetrating the center.
  •     Similarly, you have to make 3 more cuts but not equal in size as you have to transform the piece in the shape of parallelogram.
  •     Now lay the piece down horizontally and to make the butterfly wing, cut on the top. The cut has to be only 1 cm deep making a 45° angle open on top. Smooth out the edges and keep it as neat as possible.
  •     At the back end of the butterfly make an incision 1 cm deep and cut a small triangle to create a distinct low end piece of butterfly.
  •     Now move to the opposite side and make a deep cut until the knife reaches almost the quarter of the bottom. This is the antenna.
  •     As you are working with a longitudinal piece of carrot now it’s time cut the butterflies. Lay the piece horizontally and at the very base make a paper thin cut. Make as many butterflies as you want.

Cucumber Fan

  •     Take a chunk of cucumber and cut it vertically into half.
  •    Start making 1 mm wide cuts vertically from the right to the left, not letting the knife touch 30% of the bottom because you have to keep the pieces together.
  •     Cut the front end of the slanted surface, turning it into an angled end.
  •     Lay the piece on a cutting board and fan out the cuts you’ve made.

Your cucumber fan is now ready to sharpen and compliment the look of almost any kind of dish.

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