How to Make a Spicy Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll

How to Make a Tuna Salmon Sushi Roll

We know how tempting sushi can be, especially when you’ve made it with your own hands. To prepare the best looking canapé style sushi with spicy salmon and tuna tartar fillings, follow these simple steps. The ingredients used in tartar are just enough to make two sushis. Think of the number of sushis you want to make and add ingredients accordingly.

  1.    Take some fresh tuna and salmon, then cut a 2.5 inch long piece from each.
  2.    Cut reasonably thin vertical slices from both using a sharp knife. Put the pieces and slices aside for now.
  3.    Take the sushi rice and press it into a small ball to make your sushi filling. Wrap a thin slice of avocado around the rice ball, giving it a finished and aesthetic look. Next, wrap a slice of tuna around the avocado slice, making it look complete. To keep the sushi in place, wrap a nori strip around the tuna slice.
  4.    Repeat the same for the salmon sushi.
  5.    To prepare the tartar, take a thick salmon slice and chop it using a knife. Do the same for the tuna.
  6.    Put the chopped tuna and salmon in two different bowls and add a little bit of sriracha sauce in both the bowls.
  7.    Add a dash of soya sauce and squirt some lime juice to give it that extra kick.
  8.    Next, add a little bit of chopped, fresh herbs of your choice and mix well.
  9.    Now press the sushi rice in between your sushi and add tartar in the center. In the tuna sushi, add the salmon tartar and in the salmon sushi, add the tuna tartar.
  10.   Finish off by garnishing them with the same chopped herb that you used earlier.  The sushis are now ready to give your taste buds a delicious, tantalizing treat.

Now that you know how to make a tuna salmon sushi roll, you will be able to enjoy it at home. We recommend that you check our how to make a dragon sushi roll recipe tutorial as well and enjoy it with this.                                                                                                                                        


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