Melting Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Melting Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Busy surfing the internet for the best Halloween ideas? Try this super easy and affordable melting Barbie look.

To help your makeup last long, apply a primer on the face before starting. For the base, apply a Smashbox 15-hour foundation over your skin. First, dab it nicely then blend in using a sponge. To highlight the T-zone and upper cheeks, use a second lighter foundation called NYX Ivory.

Conceal eye patches and blemishes using the ivory concealer and don’t forget to highlight the center line of your nose. Using a bronzer, highlight the cheekbones, jawline and skin along the hairline using a blending brush. Using the same bronzer, neatly contour the nose as well.

Fill in the brows using a blonde eye shadow. For shimmery eyelids, use NYX white infinite shadow stick and apply it on the eyelids. To add more dimension, use a shimmery eye shadow of a similar white shade and apply it on the lids, brow bone and inner corner of the eyes.

Use a brown eye pencil to draw a line on the crease of your eye and fade it a little. Then apply purple eye shadow right above the line and soften using brush strokes towards the brow bone. To add a pink touch over the shade, use a pink NYX blush and apply it conservatively above the purple eye shadow.

Apply the same blush on your cheeks as well. Using an eyeliner, apply a thin winged line along the lash line. Then apply the same brown pencil you used for the eye crease on the lower lash line. Using a brown marker, draw lashes on the lower lash line. Apply the mascara and pink lipstick. Your Barbie is almost ready as we need to melt it.

Prepare a mixture by mixing in half cup gelatin powder, half cup glycerin, 6 tablespoons of water and foundation. Microwave it and wait until it gets between a little warm and noticeably hot. Give a dripping effect to the side of your face using the mixture which sticks properly after cooling down in just a few minutes.

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