Natural Makeup Tutorial

Natural Makeup Tutorial from Michelle Phan

Having makeup on yet keeping that look natural is something every woman strives for. However, in some cases, you may end up looking too cakey if you don’t know how to do natural makeup right.

Start with cleaning your face thoroughly and apply a moisturizer for even application of the makeup; natural makeup always works best on a clean, toned and moisturized face. To make your tired and puffy eyes look bright, tilt your face down and locate the eye bags then carefully apply the concealer with your ring finger using a rolling motion. By doing so, you can easily blend in the concealer, making the puffs disappear. Now apply a mineral concealer to conceal the uneven areas on the face like the uneven tone around the mouth, nose and underneath the eyes. Make sure you’re applying it lightly and blending it in using circular motions – keeping that natural makeup look maintained.

After applying the concealer, apply a mineral foundation on your face. Start from the cheeks and drag the brush towards the forehead. Next, cover the neck and drag the brush towards the jawline. While doing so, don’t forget the basic rule of thumb – keep it light and natural.

For the eyebrows, choose a shade that best goes with your hair color. You can also choose a lighter shade to see what goes best with your natural eyebrow color. Dab it on lightly before blending it in. Apply an even line along your lash line using the eyeliner; make sure to keep it thin.

Curl your lashes before applying the mascara. Then coat them with a waterproof mascara as it will retain the curls for longer time. Now apply the blush lightly on your cheeks, forehead and jawline. This means you’re not adding any pinks, but just a little glow to add that final finishing touch.

For your lips, choose a light and natural lip color that goes well with your natural makeup and outfit. Apply it with just a single stroke and blend in. Add a glossy touch if you like. Now go and flaunt your natural makeup everywhere.

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