Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

Social media marketing is crucial to the success of your online business. People today instantly hop on the internet whenever they need information on just about anything. All it takes is reaching for their portable devices or logging onto their PC. Whether it’s the hottest smartphone of the year or the most sought after fashion trends, anything you could possibly ever want is on the internet, and a popular channel that’s sprouted as a result is social media.

Google has up to 200 million lookups every day and over 6 billion lookups every month, given that so many people are digging out products and services that different companies offer. And it’s important to understand right from the start that social media platforms are the most important marketing tools alongside Google, because that’s one place you’re going to be interacting with your consumers the most. To capture your share of the the market, you have to get your brand established on all popular social media channels.

One major point, however, is often talked about in digital marketing circles when it comes to social media – where do you start? There are essentially four simple steps that need to be taken before setting foot into social media marketing. These steps include:

  1. Finding interested people – Consumers who are most likely to buy your products/services.
  2. Delivering quality content – Developing and publishing content that’s relevant to your target audience.
  3. Acquiring customer information – Demographics and interests of your audience to deliver relevant content.
  4. Staying in touch – Keeping them engaged through digital marketing strategies.

Here is the most important thing to remember though: you don’t market on social media to earn money but to give people a reason so as to trust you and establish a long-term relationship with them. To do so, much like the first step, you are required to find a social media platform where your audience hangs out the most. For example, you can market products catering to the millennials on Facebook, and for business-focused products and services, LinkedIn is the best choice. Now keep in mind that you’re in the business of delivering content and NOT commercials.

You can post how-to videos on YouTube that are somehow tied to your business. And even if they are not, you’re still engaging with your audience. You can also post links to blogs on popular social media channels such as FAQs on your area of expertise or services.

To generate better leads, you can offer rewards such as discounts to prompt people to provide you their contact information such as their email address. This happens to be a great way to keep them updated about your services, but make sure not to bombard them with irrelevant content.

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